Gothic and Amazing started out as someoneís dream to show the world that Goth doesnít have to be just dark and depressing. Like a black rose is dark but yet beautiful so why not find beauty in the dark and be Gothic and Amazing. And with that, one day a facebook page was born trying to show the beautiful part of Goth.
The goal was to suppoert everyone that fit that description from models to photographers, make≠up artists, stylists, music bands, shop owners and all kinds of Goth form of art.
The idea was also to show that supporting each other, people could grow along with their pages. So from one personís dream, a team of people with the same beliefs was born, the G&A team. Here we are now making our mark and showing how we all see the goth≠subculture.
Be sure that we all will do our best to show support and to answer all messages so fell free to contact us.